Colby Covington Involved In Another Altercation Last Night

Colby Covington is obviously not shy when it comes to speaking his mind. We heard him call the country of Brazil “a dump”. We’ve seen him tweet about Mike Perry and Perry’s girl friend. So it’s no surprise he’s made his fair share of enemies in the MMA community. A lot of fighters give him the title as a “Conor Mcgregor want to be”. UFC welterweight Kamaru Usman has called Covington a Twitter thug and a lot of people would agree with him. UFC fans all remember the beginning of the year when UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum had a run in with Covington in Australia. During the run in, Werdum threw a boomerang that was given to him by a fan at Covington. In true gangster fashion, Convington reached into his pocket called the police, and threaten legal action against Werdum. It was no surprise that a fighter confronted Covington at the beginning of the year. So it should be no surprise that Covington was in another altercation last night.

Covington was in attendance at an MMA show called the CamSoda Legends. Covington was there to support his teammate Alex Nicholson. The co-main event featured Charles “Felony” Bennett, or as many MMA fans know him as Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett. Bennett lost his fight via unanimous decision. After Bennett’s fight, he and Covington had an altercation. The two were talking Covington pushed Bennett, and Bennett responded by throwing a punch at Covington. The punch didn’t land clean so Covington came out unscathed. It’s still not clear what the argument was about, but it’s clear that even fighters who aren’t in the UFC want a crack at Covington.

Covington’s next fight will be at UFC 225 in Chicago, against Brazilian fighter Rafael Dos Anjos. This fight will be for the interim welterweight championship. The winner will fight current injured champion Tyron Woodly. The fight at UFC 225 was originally supposed to take place at UFC 224 in Brazil, but they moved the fight to Chicago because the security risk for Covington was too high.

Love him or hate him, Covington is adding excitement to the talent stacked welterweight division. Some fans are going to watch his fights to see him win, but most fans are going to watch his fights with hopes to see him lose. Both fighters have pressure coming into this fight; Covington has to back up his trash talk. Dos Anjos is coming into this fight not only to win the interim title but also to make Covington pay for what he said about Brazil. There’s been a lot of back and forth between these two, and I think I speak for all UFC fans when I say I’m looking forward to June 9th.

Stephen Caloggero (Steveo_calo)

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