I’m Sorry Joe Kelly; Kelly’s Suspension Upheld

News broke a few days ago that Joe Kelly’s suspension was upheld and that he will begin serving it immediately. Not shocked. Was it a little harsh? Eh maybe, but I see why they gave him 6 games. It was intentional and he didn’t do anything to defuse the situation. He did the exact opposite and I love that he did!

What I’m shocked about is Tyler Austins suspension. Not only off the bat did he get one game less than Kelly, HIS GOT REDUCED! He is now serving four games, compared to the original five handed out at first. Banana land that this happened.

This makes no sense to me at all. How do you uphold one suspension then reduce the other? Both guys had equal amount of responsibility in that brawl. Austin slid in dirty at second and then got up in Holt’s face because Holt told him it was a dirty slide. Kelly then puts a 97 mph heater in his ribs later in the game to stick up for his teammate. Yes, both guys deserve the suspension. But you have to be consistent with it. You can’t say one thing then immediately turn around and do the exact opposite.

The MLB got this wrong, not going to blow it out of proportion, but they got it wrong.  All I’m asking for is some consistency here! Apparently that’s way to much to ask for. I’m sorry Joe Kelly! I honestly feel bad for you, you got the shaft!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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