All I want for Christmas is the NBA

Sunday, October 11th, 2020.  Orlando Bubble. This was the last NBA game to be played in a pandemic filled season. Yet there are now more questions to be answered than the one’s asked about playing in the bubble, and per a previous article written by me if LeBron James should have been MVP of the finals. Biggest question on the mind of fans? When do we get more basketball?

Christmas wish?

Will this be a Christmas wish? Or a Christmas Nightmare?

Yes, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is trying to make due for a 72 game season, and start the year on December 22nd. Yes, Adam Silver and company have a perfectly good reason to begin the season in December. One would be trying not to prolong the season within the summer months and keeping basketball where it should be. Whereas the 22nd of December would give teams, as well as fans and arenas time to prepare and get ready. Who would benefit from this? Well, everyone! Especially if the league is going to make the attempt to play within the arenas again, and not within a bubble. That could bring back a positive to the game, and help drive up viewership.



Yes, there’s always pushback. Why wouldn’t there be? And from who else? NBA Players association.  They feel that the beginning of the NBA year should be in January.  Giving the extra month would allow teams better preparation and better transition into the season. The bad? You’ll have the games going into April or maybe May, and the playoffs going into the summer. That will still throw off the track for the 2021/2022 season.


With the players already in some prime condition and to work out the schedule with the Players Association, I’d go with the start of the season on the 22nd of December. My worry with everything going on is that you will have a similar situation as what happened to the MLB, and their shortened season.  Now if they also get the ball going for the 22nd, the benefits if you have to put the season on hold or have any hiccups or issues, you can delay and restart without any problems going forward. Delaying the season until January can put a bit of a burden on the players and the league itself since it’s poised to lose millions already with the season being delayed.

Final Thought…

Even Santa would wish this! No chimney required!

I’m all for this. In my mind, Adam Silver has been a good leader and advocate for not only teams, but with the players in mind. His no-nonsense mentality and how he shows compassion for others is a building block for the NBA. Attempting the season on the 22nd of December would be good for the league, and better for the players.  Since the players will be poised and ready to take on the season, it will make beginning the year even sweeter. It will take away from the pre-season and get everyone ramped up to take on the year  full swing.

So go ahead Adam Silver! Bring up our Christmas gift of NBA basketball! For I myself know many teams that are poised and ready to take on the LA Lakers, and take their throne away. Whos one of the teams that comes to mind? Why the Miami Heat of course! However, I wont ever forget my Boston Celtics!


Toph (Angry_Turnip)

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