Christian Fauria Says Patriots are “Better Off Without” Tom Brady

Imagine saying something so out there, that you can’t help but talk about it? Well, we’re back at it again with another Patriots-Tom Brady story. Brady is trying to get adjusted to new teammates, coaches, and a system in Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, we have former Patriots making claims that seem outlandish on the surface. Former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria came out and said that he thinks the Patriots would be “better off without” the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Now before we all jump on Fauria, he might have something to this claim. Stick with me here for a second as we dive into a few of his comments.

“It’s not because he’s not good or he can’t throw it or he’s lost some speed on his fastball.”

So Fauria is acknowledging right off the bat that it doesn’t have to do with Brady the football player. He even went on to say Brady would win a bunch of awards with the Bucs. Fauria was talking Comeback Player of the Year, MVP, Super Bowl, the whole thing. We all can acknowledge that Brady has a little bit left in the tank. He helped lead that Patriots team to a 12-4 record. Sure, the ending was disappointing. But it proved that he still wanted to continue on and could do so at a high level.

“…what he wanted to achieve and what the Patriots were trying to achieve were completely different.”

I think we all can agree that this is pretty obvious on the surface. Brady was going to be entering his age 43 season in 2020. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I will always love Tom Brady. But I was also on the train of saying that Brady should retire after their 2018 Super Bowl win and start fresh. Brady could have been with his new team already. Stidham could have gotten a year under his belt with in game experience. But that’s neither here nor there. The Patriots want to build for the future and have their young draft picks/signings develop. N’Keal Harry is a perfect example. Sure, he was hurt for the first half of 2019. But he still need time to develop. Jakobi Meyers is in the same boat. Brady doesn’t have the time or patience in his career to be helping with developing young receivers. At this point, the two sides separating is a good move that both are probably very happy about.

In Conclusion

Is it crazy on the surface? To most fans, yes. But when you really dive deeper into everything, is it really that insane? Maybe not. The Patriots and Brady needed to move on at some point. I think most fans would agree we would have rather seen a retirement than Brady in a different uniform. It is what it is and it’s Stidham (hopefully not Hoyer!) time in New England. We’ll see how Fauria’s comments play out in the next few seasons with the Patriots. Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay safe!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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