Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt After Violent Video Of February Incident Surfaces


I want to start this off by saying I’m glad Kansas City did the right thing here and cut Kareem Hunt. There have been too many violence against women cases in the NFL over the last couple years. Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Rueben Foster, the list goes on. The NFL has done an awful job of sending a message in just about every single one of them. KC really had no choice but to release Hunt here, but if the league wants to fix their identity, Hunt shouldn’t be allowed to take another snap in the NFL. Plain and simple.

Do I see that happening? Based on the NFL’s track record, absolutely not. With this situation though, one thing really sticks out to me. This incident happened in February. You could NOT convince me that the NFL didn’t see this video months ago. They’ve just been sitting on it to sell jerseys and make money off Hunt’s success, which is so unfair to the victim. The way they handle things like this really make me hate football.

It sucks seeing such talented athletes do stupid shit like this. KC was in line to be the heir to the throne in the AFC. The team was hitting on all cylinders. They could have been so successful for such a long time with their young core of Mahomes, Hunt, and Hill. But for the short term, I can only see this having a negative impact on them. Championship teams don’t have these kind of things happen during crucial points of the season. Their season, along with Hunt’s career in the NFL, are washed.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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