Celtics Keep On Cruising

The Celtics taking down the Spurs was nice to see the other night, but that win means nothing to me. I logged onto twitter after the game and saw fans freaking out stating that this win over the Spurs was very impressive…I like to call these people “Green Teamers”, because they do not look at the entire picture. Popovich did not start Ginobili, and Leonard/Parker also did not play. Without these three players on the court, the Spurs are a very mediocre team. A mediocre team that the Celtics should beat a majority of the time. However, It was nice to see the Celtics win a game that they should win. These are the easy games that I want to see the Celtics win all season long. If they start to lose to teams like the Knicks, Bulls, Heat, etc, on a night to night basis then there is something wrong.

Looking forward, the Celtics should keep the ball rolling. The only tough teams out of their next ten games, are OKC and Golden State. Other than that, the Celtics take down the Hawks, Lakers, Magic,and the Nets. These are great games to watch because we will get to see this young Celtics team grown and build chemistry. Kyrie is looking like he is starting to get comfortable, and he his clicking with Horford. I want to see Brown and Tatum continue to shoot the ball as much as they can. If this Celtics team can keep working on they way they move the ball and start to make tough shots, then they will be the best team in the East. Yeah the Cavaliers have LeBron and a bunch of star veteran players, but they lack the chemistry. You also do not know how the older Cavaliers will play over the course of the long season. The Celtics have a young enough team to keep pace with the Cavaliers and possible be the number one seed heading into the playoffs.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

One thought on “Celtics Keep On Cruising

  • Steven Santoro

    Agreed, they look good but in their last two wins the opponents best player didn’t play.


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