What Brian Hoyer’s Return Means for the Patriots Heading Forward

Following the trade of Jimmy Garrapolo, the Patriots were left without a backup quarterback. Today, that problem was solved.

Brian Hoyer, the former Patriot, is returning to the place he started his career. Since being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2009, Hoyer has gone on to play for six different teams.

In taking a deeper look at this, you may wonder why Hoyer is signed for three years instead of maybe just one. What this tells me is that three years is the window they envision for Brady. Three years would leave enough time to draft and develop a quarterback behind Brady now, and he’ll be ready to go once Brady does decide to hang it up. Having that guy as the number three instead of the number two will also take away a lot of pressure, which is why having Hoyer signed long-term​ is so important.

Having just three years left of Tom Brady also means that the Patriots are most likely going to take a very aggressive approach in acquiring big free agents so they can take advantage of that window before it’s too late. That’s part of the reason why they were so aggressive this past offseason, They aren’t going to leave him out to dry for the last three years of his career. Belichick is going to keep this team as locked and loaded as possible while Brady is still around.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)


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