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College Football Playoff Rankings Week 1. Did they get it right?

Boys and girls last night was a special night. It was the first release of the college football playoff committee announcing their rankings. Now before we analyze the top teams just a reminder. In the past couple of years, out of the first couple of years in the new format, typically the first four teams are not all there in the end. Last year A&M was ranked at number four and they didn’t even come close to making a playoff game. So just keep an eye on the top ten teams because those are the teams that really have the best shot at making a playoff game. Ok now before we dive right in let’s take a look at the top ten teams.

1 Georgia 8-0
2 Alabama 8-0
3 Notre Dame 7-1
4 Clemson 7-1
5 Oklahoma 7-1
6 Ohio State 7-1
7 Penn State 7-1
8 TCU 7-1
9 Wisconsin 8-0
10 Miami (FL) 7-0

1. Georgia

This is kind of ridiculous that they are the top team in the rankings. Don’t get me wrong they’ve played great so far this year but are they better than Alabama? In my personal opinion I would say no. I understand that Georgia has beaten Notre Dame and Mississippi State but ultimately what it will come down to is if they can beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Thats what you’re going to have to wait for. If they beat Alabama then by all means they are the number one team in the country.

2. Alabama

Nick Saban was quoted the other day saying how he didn’t give a crap about the rankings. Well now I think he should. If I was on that team I’d be a little pissed off that Georgia is ahead of them. Alabama is a lock to make a playoff game. I would be very surprised if they lose a game until that point. Just like I said about Georgia, its all going to come down to the SEC Championship game. The winner of that game will be in the college football playoff.


#3 Notre Dame

What the hell is this? That was my reaction when Notre Dame was put at number three. I think this is just an absolute awful decision. Let me tell you why. First off I am not a fan of Notre Dame because they’re an independent team. What does that mean you ask? It means they are not in a conference so they don’t have to play the same teams every year and they don’t have a conference championship. Thats the biggest reason I don’t think they deserve to be ranked number three. They’ve played good football but against some really crap teams. Yes they hung around wth Georgia but they really haven’t played a good team since. Out of the top four teams that are ranked, Notre Dame is my team that I think will not make a playoff game.

#4 Clemson

Ok so because of Notre Dame making the top four the rest of the rankings are really messed up. Not that Clemson is a bad team but with TCU losing last week and Ohio State winning I really think Oklahoma deserves to be the number four team. I did predict Clemson to be number four last week but that all changed after last weekend. Clemson can’t lose another game if they want to be back in the dance come January. I think they can win out but I don’t see them winning the national championship this year.

Wrap up thoughts

The rest of the season is really going to be a fun one. In my mind its all going to come down to the conference championships. If the season ended today these are the conference championship games we would have. Alabama Vs Georgia, Ohio State Vs Wisconsin, Miami Vs NC State, and Iowa State Vs TCU. Those games are going to be nuts. It could get even more hectic if Alabama or Georgia loses a game before the conference championship game. The two teams I have my eye on are Oklahoma and Miami. So saddle up boys and girls. Its going to be one hell of a ride.

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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