Couch Guy Sports Podcast 140: Tom Brady Leaving the Patriots? | Pats Wild Card MELTDOWN | Red Sox Caught Cheating

First, we gotta get into the Patriots Wild Card matchup against the Titans. Woof. I’d say over 90% of people, especially in New England, were picking the Patriots to somewhat easily grab a win over the Titans and advance to take on the Chiefs. Welp, they couldn’t get it done and it was a lot more of the same. What the hell happened not only on Wild Card Weekend but through the whole season?

And with that comes the question that’s probably been asked all year long. Tom Brady. Is he done in New England? We know on Wednesday that he posted on Instagram something that basically confirmed that he’ll be back… In the NFL (which was posted after we recorded). But the question really then becomes, is he going to be back with the Patriots in 2020? Or will he be wearing a different uniform?

Then… We have the Red Sox. For once, it’s not the Patriots who are caught up in some kind of sign-stealing scandal. The Athletic posted another massive report but this time, it was one accusing the Red Sox of using the replay room through the 2018 season to steal sign sequences. Should Alex Cora be canned if they are found guilty? What should the punishment be?

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