Burnie and Chris Episode 46

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 46! New year, same ridiculousness when it comes to us. We kick off the new year with the same routine of Matt complaining about the Sharks. They’re just too inconsistent to be a likable team at the moment. As for Chris, he’s in high spirits bragging about his Rangers. Matt will forever be jealous about it. The Bruins are about to get better and we explain why!

There’s not much happening with both Villanova and Duke. But, Villanova is starting to win again and they have a revenge game coming up. As for the Celtics, the December gauntlet is over and it ended in a surprising win over the best team in the western conference, the Phoenix Suns. Jaylen Brown starts off the new year with a 50 point game and we project the future for this team. Kyrie officially returns on Wednesday, and we give our thoughts about that. The Russell Westbrook era in Los Angeles is not what fans were hoping for and fans are screaming after the Lakers traded away Rajon Rondo and not Westbrook to Cleveland.

The college football playoff semi-final was the worst one of all time. Alabama and Georgia cruised to the final with no trouble at all. Ohio State’s comeback in the Rose Bowl was sweeter than the actual scent of roses. Chris unloads on Notre Dame after they choked big time! The NFL’s worst nightmare came true, the New England Patriots are back in the playoffs! The Giants… once again lost. We give our favorite John Madden moments and we react to everything that happened in week 17 of the NFL season.

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 46

  • Happy New Year!
  • San Jose Sharks update
  • New York Rangers update
  • Boston Bruins update
  • Villanova and Duke on a slight pause
  • Boston Celtics update
  • Jaylen Brown is a king
  • Kyrie Irving is not a king but he’s back
  • Russell Westbrook is not the Russ we all know in LA
  • Rondo trade
  • Alabama and Georgia make it look easy in the semi finals of the CFP
  • Ohio State’s massive comeback in the Rose Bowl
  • Notre Dame chokes!
  • Pats are back in the playoffs
  • The Giants lose again
  • Remembering John Madden
  • NFL week 17 scores and updates

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