Burnie and Chris Episode 36

It’s time for Burnie and Chris episode 36! This week there is a rivalry that Chris is very anxious about. The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will do battle in the American League Wildcard game. The winner advances and the loser goes home. We also preview the MLB postseason as a whole and casually say who we think will be making a run this postseason. In the NBA there’s an update on the Andrew Wiggins situation regarding his vaccination status. Ben Simmons is not getting the money he is owed because of his absence from training camp. We give our thoughts and still struggle to think of a team that would actually trade for him.

In college football, Chris once again let’s us down and confirms he didn’t watch for the second straight weekend. He’s a fake fan, fake fan alert! Auburn gets a bounce back win against LSU where Bo Nix made one of the most impressive plays in his career. Notre Dame proves that they are frauds and lost all chances of making the playoff. The PAC-12 will have to wait another year for representation as Oregon was upset by Stanford ending their chances. The other upsets this weekend were Kentucky over Florida and Mississippi State over Texas A&M!

In the NFL, Chris takes a humble victory lap after the Giants upset the Saints in New Orleans. Matt goes off on Bill Belichick after his horrible coaching decision to kick a 56 yard field goal in the rain instead of going for it on 4th and 3 when Mac Jones was driving right down the field. The New York Jets got their first win before December and unleashed Zach Wilson against the Titans. There were more key injuries and Big Ben makes history!

Topics in Burnie and Chris Episode 36

  • Red Sox vs Yankees AL Wildcard 
  • MLB postseason preview
  • Andrew Wiggins update
  • Ben Simmons update
  • Chris is a fake fan
  • Auburn wins
  • Notre Dame is a fraud
  • Upset city
  • Giants win
  • Patriots lose
  • Zach Wilsons goes off
  • History for Big Ben
  • Key injuries in the NFL
  • Week Four scoreboard

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