Burnie and Chris Episode 34

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 34! Yes, this is coming a day late, we’re sorry about that! Life gets in the way sometimes! The Red Sox and Yankees will do battle with each other for one last time this season potentially! We breakdown the critical weekend series and surprise, we’ll both be going to a game this weekend! We got NHL news to report as well! Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel will report for his team physical. Is this a big deal? We discuss! Also, Zdeno Chara is returning… back to the New York Islanders where his career began. This has got to be it for him right?

In the NBA John Wall and the Houston Rockets have agreed that Wall will not be a Rocket anymore. We discuss as to why the Celtics should NOT attempt to trade for Wall. Did the Denver Nuggets over pay Aaron Gordon on his four year 92 million extension? Yes. Why? Listen to find out! There were some great matchups in college football this weekend. Alabama and Florida, and Auburn and Penn State did not disappoint. Clemson is not good anymore and we review the top four rankings! A sneak preview of that: the top four could easily be this year’s playoff.

Chris’ microphone died so Matty B had to carry out the NFL segment on his own! The Patriots took down the Jets. The Giants lose in heartbreaking fashion. Tom Brady straight up bullied the Atlanta Falcons defense. Lamar Jackson finally beat Patrick Mahomes! Matty B breaks down an early MVP race and gives reaction to the week two scores around the NFL!

Topics discussed in Burnie and Chris episode 34

  • Red Sox vs Yankees this weekend
  • Jack Eichel reports for team physical
  • Zdeno Chara to Islanders
  • John Wall out from Houston
  • Aaron Gordon’s new deal with Denver
  • Alabama Florida review
  • Auburn Penn State review
  • Clemson is not good
  • Top four teams in college football reaction
  • Patriots win
  • Giants lose
  • Tom Brady is a bully
  • Lamar Jackson finally beats Mahomes
  • Early MVP race
  • Week two scores!

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