Burnie and Chris Episode 22

We are back! It’s Burnie and Chris episode 22! This time we are posting on time! Chris had himself a fantastic time at Yankee stadium! The boys give praise to Jon Rahm after his come from behind victory at the US Open! The Stanley Cup playoffs have reached the semi-finals! Matt and Chris are excited to see how both series will playout as both series are a best of three! Can Tampa make it back to the finals? Will Vegas prevail? We give our thoughts on all that and more!

As for the NBA, BYE BROOKLYN! Kevin Durant put the Nets on his back and sadly for him it wasn’t enough. He was just inches away from sending Milwaukee home. As for the Sixers… YIKES! Ben Simmons is not good at basketball! Embiid deserves better! The Clippers for the first time in 50 years have made it to the Western Conference Finals! But, the Suns beat them in game 1 where Devin Booker had a triple double. No big deal, just a triple double to open up the WCF!

In other NBA news, Rick Carlisle steps down as coach of the Dallas Mavericks! Poor Doncic… the Mavs just imploded. Where could Carlisle end up? We give our thoughts on that!

Finally in the NFL, it’s not good news for the New England Patriots. Stephon Gilmore is officially a holdout. That’s not good! This is a situation to keep your eyes on!

Complete list of topics for Burnie and Chris Episode 22

  • Chris breaks down the Yankees and his trip to Yankee stadium
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs updates
  • NBA Playoffs updates
  • Rick Carlisle is out as coach of the Mavericks
  • Stephon Gilmore is holding out, not good!

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