Burnie and Chris Episode 21

It’s episode 21 of Burnie and Chris! The boys are back! Chris continues his season long depression rant about the Yankees! Maybe one day Chris will learn that the Yankees really do suck! The Colorado Avalanche complete the choke and lose four straight to the Vegas Golden Knights! Montreal surprises everyone and completes the sweep of the Winnipeg Jets! The Knights and Canadiens are set to meet in one of the Stanley Cup Semi Finals! As for the other semi final, the Lightning finish off the Carolina Hurricanes and advance to the semi finals. Who will meet them? The New York Islanders after they (and the refs) beat the Boston Bruins in 6. 

As for the NBA playoffs, the Suns shockingly sweep the Denver Nuggets, and boy do we have a fun take about that series. They await the winner of the Clippers and Jazz! In the East, Brooklyn and Milwaukee each have won two games in their series! Can Kevin Durant lead the Nets to series win by himself? The Sixers and Hawks continue their series and the boys agree that the Sixers should not have any problems!

Quickly in the NFL, we give our minicamp thoughts and report on the New England Patriots and if Aaron Rodgers deserves the potential fine for not showing up in Green Bay!

Here is a complete list of topics of Burnie and Chris episode 21

  • Chris is still mad about the Yankees
  • Stanley Cup playoffs reveiw
  • NBA playoffs review
  • Lev Bell is the problem
  • Aaron Rodgers deserves the fine
  • Patriots minicamp report

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