Bryson DeChambeau Dominates 120th US Open

Yesterday, Bryson DeChambeau played one of the best final rounds I have ever watched.  Let alone this great round came at the US Open, and he capped it off with a -6 win and being the only one to finish under par.  Let me say that again, HE WAS THE ONLY PLAYER TO FINISH UNDER PAR!  Even though in my last blog, I said I didn’t like him to win I obviously couldn’t have been more wrong.

But let’s talk about how much Bryson has improved.  This is a guy who constantly gets attacked for his beliefs on the game and how he looks.  He has a simple philosophy of “I want to be a better golfer and by hitting the ball farther I can be a better golfer.”  At first it was laughed at and his work didn’t really pay off.  But damn, what a way to laugh at everyone.

However, this dude on Sunday couldn’t find a fairway.  I think he hit like 5/18? or something super low and yet still dominated Wolff for the win.  Like I said in my US Open blog, the winner would have to hit fairways in order to win this.  Well clearly fucking not.  Bryson barely hit any and still came out with some of the most accurate iron and chip play I have ever seen.  It honestly didn’t matter if he was in 5 feet of grass, he’s strong enough to get that out of there.

I am actually really happy for Bryson.  I love the philosophy and meathead vibe he gives and not to mention his iron swing is getting prettier and prettier by the week.  But what is even more exciting is that our next two majors are at Augusta National!

John (Uncle_mac4)

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