Injuries Ruled NFL Week 2

Football is back, baby!

But you know what else is back? Injuries.

Week 2 of the NFL had plenty of those. Here are some of the biggest injuries of week 2.

Christian McCaffery

Christian, the near consensus first pick in PPR formats, will miss significant time.

This is the type of injury than can linger for a player. Hopefully the 6 weeks are taken for a full recovery for the dynamic playmaker.

Injuries like this can derail a fantasy season.

Well, they CAN. Injuries like our next player DO.

Saquon Barkley

Just brutal, awful, and terrible. Put this firmly in the “really really hate to see it” camp. This is a young superstar with an injury that cap sap explosiveness for years.

This is such a bummer. I feel so badly for Saquon.

Nobody deserves this. A sucker punch for the franchise and anyone who likes great football.

Nick Bosa

Speaking of sucker punches, the 49ers got beaten up on Sunday.

Nick Bosa, Soloman Thomas, and the defensive line this team was built around are limping or out (in Nick Bosa’s case).

The depth that led them to a super bowl is gone at this point.

The starting QB got injured. Lead backs were hurt. This is ugly.

At some point, Shannahan will have to pull guys off the street to run in his schemes.

This is a huge bummer for this team that was expecting to contend. They still can contend, but it will be very hard now.

Drew Lock

The starting quarterback of another squad is hurt, along with their top WR, Sutton.

The Broncos were irrelevant at best, but now they could be down right bad.

Jeff Driskell is…not good. This could be ugly.

Nobody likes injuries, so this week was especially heinous.

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