Celtics Game 4 Wednesday

Celtics play Wednesday in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. We knew going into this series it was going to be a battle. At least I knew it. This Heat team makes me so nervous and I think everyone else is feeling it now. The Heat have a bunch of scorers, they hustle, and Jimmy Butler is on a mission. You can tell he feels underrated and is hungry to prove himself. As well as the Heat are playing, the Celtics were doing the complete opposite. They just completely fell off in the first two games. Double-digit leads and they blow it twice. They get into this mode of 1-on-1 basketball and shoot crazy threes they don’t need to take. Then you see the offense when they move the basketball around and get an open look, and you think, that’s how it’s supposed to be. I say it every week, they just need to play their style basketball. Gordon Hayward helps break up the zone. He found his rhythm in the bubble before the injury and looked great in his first game back. The Celtics just need to continue to play team basketball and everything will be fine.

I’m sick of the isolation and three-game they try to do. I don’t know what it is, but they love to chuck up awful shots. They have been doing it since the Isaiah Thomas days. You even saw Kelly Olynyk take the same terrible shots for Miami in this same series. The Cs have a bunch of scorers and can get to the hoop almost at free will. No need for threes when up double digits too. Just keep the lead. Waste time, take open shots, and trade baskets.

I’m excited about Game 4. I hope the right Celtics team comes out to play. They need to step on necks and continue to be the better team. Let’s go to The Finals.


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