Bruins Unveil Winter Classic Logo

Over the weekend the Boston Bruins unveiled their look for the Winter Classic. The club announced on Twitter that they would be sporting this logo

This is a throwback to the the Original Six era and is perfect for a matchup between the Bruins and Blackhawks. The game is set to take place on New Year’s day and will be held at Notre’s Dame’s football stadium.

This is the third time the Bruins have competed in the Winter Classic and they are 1-1 when playing outside. The Bruins have hosted the Winter Classic twice and now they will serve as the visitor for the next installment of the Classic.

The outdoor games provide a fun environment for both fans and players and have become a great spectacle in recent years for the NHL. The NHL has been steadily adding outdoor games over the years because of the overwhelming support players and fans give to it. Certainly doesn’t hurt their ratings either.

The Original Six matchup will be fun to watch in the outdoors and former Notre Dame forward Anders Bjork will certainly enjoy the contest.


Written by Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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