Boston Celtics NBA 2K19 Starting Lineup Ratings Leaked: Reaction and Review

NBA 2K ratings should never mean much to players, but the players always seem to give a shit. Whether it’s a player boasting their high rating or a player guaranteeing they’ll up their ratings, there’s always a reaction. Recently, NBA 2K had a launch party for their new video game NBA 2K19 and invited players, musicians, and Youtubers. One Youtuber by the name of Mike Korzemba filmed a video leaking every NBA teams starting lineups ratings. Today I am going to dive into the ratings for each of the Boston Celtics projected starting 5.

Leaked Photo from Mike Korzemba

Kyrie Irving: 93 Overall

Kyrie Irving being a 93 overall in this game seems very fitting. He passes the eye test and is clearly one of the best players in the league. The only point guards I would put ahead of him are Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook. Chris Paul is close, but I still give Kyrie the edge over current day CP3. In last years edition of the game, Kyrie was also a 93 overall. He played how we all figured he would play and doesn’t deserve and increase nor decrease to his rating. Irving needs the least analysis here because his rating seems to be just about perfect.

Jaylen Brown: 84 Overall

Jaylen Brown is my favorite player on the Boston Celtics. Attempting to not be biased, I think his rating is also basically perfect. However, my only issue is Brown being 3 rating points lower than Jayson Tatum. I believe based off last season, that Jaylen Brown is a tiny bit better than Jayson Tatum. With that said, Jaylen should either be a point higher than him or be the same overall as him. Tatum being 3 ratings ahead is just ridiculous. Jaylen was an 81 overall in the last game and a 3-point boost seems fitting.

Gordon Hayward: 88 Overall

This rating was simply made with a shot in the dark. Unfortunately, nobody truly knows what Hayward’s rating should be. If he returns and plays exactly how he did prior to his injury, the 88 is warranted. If he returns and is a little slower and simply just not as good as he used to be, he will have been highly overrated. In the last game, Gordon Hayward was rated 88 and I assume that’s why they kept him there. Making him lower would be unreasonable with no clear evidence of a decline. I am hopeful that Hayward will come back and have a nice productive season in Boston.

Jayson Tatum: 87 Overall

This is the worst rating I have seen in the game yet. Jayson Tatum has done nothing at all to prove he should be above an 85 overall. 85 is even stretching it. The only reason Tatum is an 87 is because Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell also are 87’s. During and after the playoffs, there was a ton of debate discussing who was the best amongst the three of them. 2K decided to be trolls within that debate and add fuel to the fire by making them each the same rating. I mentioned earlier how it’s blasphemous that Jaylen Brown is 3 points lower than Tatum. I expect Tatum to eventually become the better overall player, but as of right now it’s too close to have that much disparity between the two.

Al Horford: 86 Overall

Al Horford is better than Jayson Tatum. Anyone who believes differently doesn’t watch any basketball. Last season, Horford was a top 5 defender in this league. He is incredibly versatile on offense with his ability to hit the 3 and pass the ball tremendously. Horford is a 5 time all star and has fit in perfectly in Boston. 86 overall seems very fitting for him, just not if they’re going to give an 87 to Tatum. I still assume this will give Horford a top 5 or 6 center rating in the game. Much of the Celtics success comes from plays by Horford.


No matter how much people may disagree on ratings and whatnot, everyone can agree that the Celtics are fully loaded. Here we only know the starters ratings, but we aren’t even considering the loaded bench. Rozier and Smart are hovering right around 80. Marcus Morris can’t be much lower than that. And I’d imagine Baynes is about a 76 or so. I feel confident in saying the Celtics have the deepest roster in the league. Boy am I excited to watch this team play in a couple months.

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  • August 30, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    So many players are ranked way to high. Tatum should not even be close to Hayward


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