Bruins Playoffs begin today – GET PUMPED!

Happy Saturday everyone and hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with here in Boston. In addition to the weather, Boston, I have one question for you. Are you ready!!!!

The Boston Bruins are in the playoffs and those start today!

Every time that I have followed a playoff run by the Boston Bruins, it has been nothing short of exhilarating and this years’ team has been that!

So, are you hyped yet? If not, allowed me to help you…

A look back at Bruins Playoff Runs!

Canadiens vs. Bruins Game 3 – 2011.

Of course when it comes to the Bruins in the playoffs, one of the possible scenarios is facing the Montreal Canadiens. In 2011, yes the year when the Bruins last won the Stanley Cup, the Bruins played the Canadiens for the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

In game 3, a physical and highly demanding game one of my favorite moments and I think one that Boston fans will always remember, Andrew Ference would ensure to send a message loud and clear to the Habs fanbase by giving them a classy middle finger after scoring a goal against the Canadiens… Take a look..

Andrew would leave a message that I am sure every Bruins fan will thank him for especially against the Habs! Let’s keep it going…

Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins 2013 – Game 7

The night where I got the cops called on me because my neighbors sucked then. Listen, if you weren’t on the edge of your seat that night at home watching the game, then you have no heart at all! I remember being emotionally spent watching this game as the Leafs were about to walk away with murder. However, something in me that night was like “don’t lose faith” “The game isn’t over till the whistle is blown” and damn were my instincts correct!

Boston’s superhero, Patrice Bergeron ensured that the Bruins wouldn’t go out without a fight and what a fight! If this isn’t one of the most iconic sports videos when it comes to Boston sports in history, I don’t know how that can be. Take a look for yourselves if you don’t remember…

As a side note, a few days ago would mark the 8th year anniversary of this beautiful comeback!

So Boston, are you ready for this ride?

So as questioned, Boston fans are you ready for the ride? If not, allow this hype video to get you there! for now, LETS GO BRUINS!!!!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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