Bruins Looking Forward To A Full Season Of Ryan Donato

The Boson Bruins have had a fairly slow offseason, making a few moves in free agency but no big splashes. One of the reasons the Bruins have avoided making a big move is that they don’t need to. Sure the Bruins would like to create some RW depth but they still have some young guys who can fill that role.

In comes Ryan Donato, the young gun burst onto the scene last year for the Bruins and adjusted well to the NHL. Donato only played 12 regular season games for the Bruins but he made them count picking up 9 points. Donato played up and down the lineup but the games he flourished in he played alongside Krejci and DeBrusk. Donato could be the piece on that second line the Bruins have been looking for. The key to that line would be Krejci developing chemistry as early as possible. Krecji and DeBrusk were able to find chemistry on that line so pairing another young gun with Krejci should work well and at times last year it did. In the playoffs the second line stumbled and that was in large part to the revolving door of right wingers. Krejci and Donato will now have a full season to build some chemistry and stabilize that second line.

Donato is the long term solution to the Bruins second line issues and the 22 year old will likely see some ups and downs next year. That being said he needs to adjust to the NHL and that adjustment is only going to happen by having him play more minutes. The Bruins are Cup contenders and Donato will be a big piece of their future, there’s no point in easing him into a bigger role throw him into the fire and I’m sure he’ll succeed. He’s performed well at every level up to this point and he is capable of becoming a premier scorer.

Bruins training camp is set to open on September 10th and the season gets underway at the start of October.


Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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