Tristan Thompson & Draymond Green Apparently Got Into A Small Battle of Fisticuffs At An LA Club After the ESPYS

This is why the NBA is slowly becoming king in the United States. On top of the games becoming personal every single night, the soap opera that it becomes off of the court is WILD.

According to Fox Sports reporter, Jason McIntyre, Draymond Green walked up to Tristan Thompson and tried to apologize for what had happened in the playoffs. Thompson rejected the apologize and POP, rocked Draymond in the club. The fight was reportedly broken up by LeBron James and Kevin Durant. This actually sounds like a script to a YouTube skit.

If you don’t remember, Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson got into it in the playoffs. So much so, that it almost became an incident outside of the arena when Thompson wanted to throw hands with Green right then and there.


Follow the thread by clicking on the linked tweet above. He goes into more detail about the incident.

God damn is the drama in the NBA enthralling. Listen, I used to wonder why my mom LOVED that soap opera, General Hospital. It was on literally every single day at my house. People were dying and then coming back to life left and right. I was like, “Ma, where are my Tostinos and this show is ridiculous”.

But I get it now. The NBA is a soap opera and I NEED this to live. It’s my oxygen at this point. Kevin Durant getting into skirmishes on Twitter. Evil villain LeBron James completely turning the page and opening up an entire school making me question whether or not I can actually hate the guy after that. You never know what news is about to drop and I’m absolutely here for it.

This story was broken by BOSSIP.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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