Patriots Signing Cameron Meredith

The Patriots have now brought in another receiver to the mix. They have signed former Bears and Saints undrafted free agent Cameron Meredith. Meredith is 26 years old and showed promise to be a potential to be a number 2 receiver in the past. The past 2 years he has been hampered with knee injuries and has barely played over the past 2 seasons. He missed all of 2017 with a torn ACL, and only recorded 9 catches last season before having another knee injury place him on IR again. But if you look back to the 2016 season, Meredith had 66 catches for 888 yards and 4 TDs. This was an impressive season for him especially after he started that season as the number 5 receiver on the roster.

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Now what does this mean for the Patriots receiver depth chart? It seems pretty clear that nobody knows anything about Josh Gordon. He is far from a sure thing, and the fact that Demaryius Thomas has not practiced yet does not seem good for his health in the upcoming season. If Meredith can catch on with the offense he would be a great fit for a number 2 receiver next to Edelman. This could also mean that none of the in between guys, or undrafted rookies are really standing out to make the roster. Hopefully this does not mean anything about N’Keal Harry, whether he is under performing to Bill’s standards, or maybe the playbook is not quite sticking with him yet. Hopefully Meredith is here for all the right reasons, and can be the next Brandon LaFell type receiver.

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-Jake Kobierski


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