Brady Vs. Belichick: Who’s Really to Blame?

Tom Brady. Bill Belichick. Two of the games most successful names in NFL football today. With 20 years together, Brady and Belichick put together one of the best dynasties of all sports. However, this year marked the first without the duo together as Brady left for Tampa Bay. Now with the split, many reporters and sports stations are making them out to be a married couple going through a bad divorce. When you have 2 big names together, and a brake up happens, yeah it’s possible. But why the back and forth between who needs who? Well, we will go thru that here. Lets get at it!

Tom Brady

When you look up the name Tom Brady, you will see a plethora of stats, records, and achievements that would fall from your hands and hit the ground running. But don’t let that stop you. The man known as the “steal” of the 2000 NFL draft, as he was picked with the 199th pick in the 6th round is a now household name. Being drafted by the Patriots, and being with them over 20 years, it’s amazing to see his accomplishments. From being a 6 time Super Bowl champ, 4x Super Bowl MVP, and 3x NFL MVP, Brady has definitely changed what it means to be an elite QB.

But why the break up with New England? That’s been the biggest question since he was heading for free agency after the 2019 season. So what caused it? What would make a team walk away, let alone a player walk away from an amazing 20 year run with success and growth? Was it money? Or was it a lifestyle? Could it have been both? These are the questions that plague every interview that never got answered. Of course fingers point to Belichick, but for what reason?

Brady now is sitting pretty with the Tampa Bay Bucs, playing in Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs. With Brady’s first year as QB for Tampa, they have gone from a losing team, to the Super Bowl. Not too bad for a 43 year old that people said had nothing left. Looks like he’s got a rejuvenation within him. Could be the TB12 method. Tom definitely did seem to lose a step or 2 within his last few seasons with New England. So it seemed he was fizzing out. What did happen?

Bill Belichick

So if you know the name Vince Lombardi, you must know Bill Belichick. The no nonsense coach of the New England Patriots. The coach who took a shot in the 6th round drafting a QB, who would become the “G.O.A.T.” Also one of the top winningest coaches of all time. Yeah, the one who wears the hoodies, and worn down shirts and such. The guy who doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Well, he’s been EVERYWHERE! Bill has won 8 Super Bowls. YES, 8! While as a head coach he’s won 6, and as the defensive coordinator of the N.Y Giants, he’s won 2. All the while, that’s an impressive accomplishment. And with him being a success in New England for 20 years, you’d expect to hear some backlash and negative comments.

Take Danny Amendola as a starter. Played in New England for 4 seasons, won 2 Super Bowls, was a sub par wide receiver, and expected to get paid while underachieving. So, your saying the Patriot way was all Tom Brady?

Wait, what?! So coaches don’t mean anything? They don’t give you tools to work with? Come on now man! Belichick found a winning formula in New England. Not only did he implement it, but he built it from the ground up. What the Patriots do, even today is build for the future. Because looking at Bill, it may not seem like he’s a guy you’d wanna play for. Ask Rosevelt Colvin. This man didn’t even wanna meet with Belichick, let alone play for him, because he thought he was a “Bill Parcells” guy. Yet Colvin played for the Patriots, and Bill himself. Must not have been a bad guy.

So why the negativity towards Bill since Brady left?

The Patriot Way

I’ll tell ya, this is what Brady and Belichick built. Not one, but both of them. It’s not the house that Brady built either. Belichick is definitely the architect on this one, with Brady being his head carpenter. Both put in the time an effort to build a championship team. And what does building a championship team come with? Sacrifices. Yeah, there were many. With Brady’s contracts, along with putting the team together, yeah there were going to be sacrifices.  And yet each year they went into the playoffs and won games. What’s the tally? 9 Super Bowls, 6 wins in 20 years? I’d say thats a huge accomplishment! Since most teams don’t even sniff a Super Bowl unless their stadium is chosen to host one!

Look, bottom line is simple. Brady and Belichick built a way that holds up. “The Patriot Way” is a method that holds the team accountable and shows the strength of team play. From offense to defense, it’s a method that states “Do Your Job.” And that’s what Brady and company did. For 20 years, day in and day out, that was executed. Where did it take them? Far beyond what other teams have done. Name another team that’s been where the Patriots have been? Exactly! It’s all a method. Belichick put out the game plan, and Brady executed it with professionalism. It’s like they were coach and player on the same page. I mean, look at Brady’s comments lately. While it does come from Brady, he’s still running the Patriots way in his system. So, who’s fooling who?

Toph’s Final Word

Firstly, let me break this down. Because of what Brady and Belichick built, they’re always going to be under a microscope when not together. Why? Because people will be comparing both of them to each other for years. Even though Brady is a player, and Belichick is a coach. There’s no reason to do so, yet people will find a way. And while I’m grateful for the past 20 years of Brady and Belichick in New England, both need to get over themselves. Yes, you were married to each other for that long and now it’s over. Get over it!

Secondly, i’m not surprised if it was about money. Brady wasn’t the highest paid QB in the league, yet he was the most successful. Yes, you made money, won rings, and you did what no other QB has done in this league EVER! And you are crying? Come on! Look at the last few seasons while Brady was with the Patriots. Tell me if it looks like he gave up. He definitely did at the end of 2019. And you wanna tell me it’s Bill’s fault? So, the only reason the Patriots won Super Bowls was due to Brady? Hmmm….Malcom Butler. Could it be Super Bowl LII? I mean, the score was 13-3, and Brady didn’t play the best game. However the defense came to play, shutting down Jared Goff and the high profile offense of the Rams.

So…all Brady eh? I’ll leave you with this: One COG in the system does not control everything. It’s a team effort and it takes them all to make it work. Yes some can be better than others, however it’s how they work together that makes them successful.




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