Celtics Trade Kemba Walker to Thunder for Al Horford!

Wow! What a start to the Brad Stevens President of Basketball Operations era. We had been saying how Kemba Walker and the Celtics were bound for a breakup. But now, the breakup is official. The Celtics have traded Kemba Walker to the Thunder in exchange for old friend Al Horford!

Now on the surface, the trade doesn’t seem like much. But, after we break it down; you’ll feel better about it!

Celtics Traded Kemba Walker to the Thunder for Al Horford to Unload Kemba’s Contract

It was time for Kemba to go. The Celtics did a great job here of getting Kemba’s contract off the books. Plus, the relationship seemed strained anyway. This was the most important part of this trade. Now the Celtics have some financial flexibility if they want to make any other moves.

Celtics Traded Kemba Walker to the Thunder for Al Horford to get Al Horford BACK

Al Horford makes his second go around with the Boston Celtics. Honestly, I love this part of the trade. Horford is a guy that will be a great veteran presence in the locker room. He will help mentor the younger guys. Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me if he got some decent minutes. Remember, Horford can still defend and shoot from the outside a bit; which helps with spreading the floor. Getting a guy like Horford can only help with your rebounding and interior defense.

Who is Moses Brown?

The other piece in this trade is second year center Moses Brown. Brown is only 21 years old and stands at 7’2. In 21 minutes a game for OKC last year, Brown averaged nine points and nine rebounds per game. There’s some upside to this kid, because so young. By the way, this is the same kid that at halftime in one game, had 17 points and 19 rebounds. So there’s something special here potentially.

In Conclusion

What fireworks to start the off-season for the Celtics! Kemba Walker leaves and Al Horford returns. It’ll be some time before we know how well this trade worked out. But for now, thank you Kemba and we hope for the best. But most importantly, welcome back Al Horford! Plus, now we know…Brad Stevens is willing to make the big moves.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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