Boston Bruins Fights and Scrums: Defenseman Kevan Miller drops Tage Thompson with a Haymaker

Boston Bruins Fights and Scrums is an ongoing series where we take you back in time and look at some of the brawls and fisticuffs thrown by the Big Bad Bruins .

The first game following the NHL Trade Deadline, the Bruins acquired three new players for the playoff run.  Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney traded for two players from the Buffalo Sabres. Those same Sabres came to Boston on the Tuesday after the deadline sitting in last place in the East division. 

New Bruins Taylor Hall and Curtis Lazar faced their former team and defenseman Mike Reilly also made his team debut. 

There was only a month left in the regular season and the Bruins were fighting for playoff positioning. On the flip side, the Sabres were fighting to salvage a lost season and showcase potential players for next season. 

During the second period of the game, former Bruin Nick Ritchie and Matt Irwin would engage in some good old fashioned fisticuffs. The Boston Bruins fights with the Sabres was predicated on some hits from Ritchie on Irwin earlier in the game.

Things We’re Getting Feisty on the Ice

The game was getting feistier on the ice, and now retired Bruins’ defenseman Kevan Miller threw a punishing hit on Rasmus Asplund. As a result, the Sabres Tage Thompson tried to avenge his teammate. 

The 6-foot-7 rookie stood up for his teammate and engaged in a fight with Miller. 

The fight was one-sided as Miller would throw a devastating haymaker knocking Thompson to the ice.

This was Thompson’s first official fight, he would get a five minute major for fighting. Despite trying to defend his teammate, the fight didn’t fire up his team. Buffalo continued to look lifeless and the Bruins remained physical all game.

The Sabres then interim coach Don Granato liked that his team fought back despite losing the fight. 

“I love the way our teammates stuck up for each other and they did it quick and they responded in that regard,” Granato said. “They found it within them to fight through a night when they didn’t feel good, things weren’t as sharp as they would like.”


This was Miller’s second scrum of the season. His first fight happened during the second game of the season against the New Jersey Devils. Miller fought with Devils forward Miles Wood.

Miller dropped Thompson in the fight and the Sabres forward went night night. The Bruins will miss the physicality of Miller and his ability to throw hands with opposing players.

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