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Around the Diamond Ep. 104: Our Favorite Player Draft

Welcome back to Around the Diamond, episode 104! This episode, we present our favorite player draft which was a blast to do! Justin Hauser (@jhauser2424) returns as we have a very fun episode for you guys! We continue to put out a lot of good content for you guys. So make sure to tune in weekly for all of our baseball content as we give Couch Guy Sports the best and biggest MLB takes!

What We Cover This Week on Around the Diamond:

We start off with everyone’s favorite segment Player Profile! Justin has an unexpected name, Sam has a player that is doing amazing that no one is talking about and Evan covers a guy that we’ve been on for awhile!

Moving on, we cover all the latest news including:

the Giants signing Brandon Crawford to an extension

-Gerrit Cole returning to the Yankees

-George Springer possibly getting another injury

ICYMI: Don’t forget to check out our full recap of the Trade Deadline!

And finally we finish off with our favorite player draft! This was so much fun going through every player that we all love so much. It’s always a good time to go over our favorite players We hope you guys enjoy episode 104 of Around the Diamond!


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