It is Time for New England to Go After Another Receiver

The New England Patriots are sitting pretty with an AFC best 6-0 record. They have taken care of business against teams that weren’t playoff teams. Now with the trade deadline coming up soon, this team has something they desperately need for their future.

The offense hasn’t looked the best in the last couple of games, and it seems like it’s the lack of weapons Brady has around him. People will say the offensive line is the problem. However, with one of the best offensive line coaches in the league, Dante Scarnecchia, I believe he will figure out ways to get this line intact, and they will deliver in a positive direction as the season goes on.

The team has been swirling about going after a high caliber receiver, such as Stefon Diggs or A.J Green. However, I do not see that happening. It just feels like the Bengals and Vikings won’t have the desire to let those guys go.

When I think of receivers for the Patriots to add or acquire, I think of Emmanuel Sanders and Michael Crabtree. Trading for Sanders makes sense for both sides. If the Broncos continue to go in the direction of losing, then maybe it is time to look at your roster and see what player can be moved. Sanders is in a contract year and is looking to win. This would be an excellent opportunity for the Broncos to get something valuable in return for him instead of seeing him walk in the off-season.

Michael Crabtree is currently a free agent. He was released by the Arizona Cardinals earlier in the season because of a lack of production.  Crabtree could be an excellent veteran for this offense and Brady. Brady is having a tough time building trust with the young core of receivers on the team that maybe he’ll look at Crabtree as a benefit, mentally.

I really would like this team to add another piece on this offense because they need someone to help the production on the field. As the team doesn’t play until next Monday night against the New York Jets, this gives the team time to adjust their roster and get ready for the next ten games of the season.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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