Big Moment for the New England Patriots going into Week 6

Week 6 – Big Moment Ahead!

Rolling into week 6, the New England Patriots have a big moment ahead of them. The New England Patriots (2-3) host the 4-1 Dallas Cowboys in what is going to be a game the Patriots need to play mistake free in order to win this game. The Patriots have put themselves in a hole to start the season as turnovers have been a huge factor in some of these losses.
So far thru week 6 for the New England Patriots, things like fumbles and interception have been their worse nightmare for weeks now. In three losses, the Patriots have hurt themselves and put themselves in tougher situations than they have to be, putting their confidence down. However, it’s not the end of the world and the Patriots still have an opportunity to turn there season around and get their record to .500.
The Dallas Cowboys have shown that this year isn’t going to be like the past years. They are a good football team with a very good defense. The Cowboys have gotten a turnover in all their games this season and those plays have led them to wins. Their only loss, against the defending super bowl champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers the first game of the season. So, the Cowboys have won 4 straight and their confidence level is at an all time high.

In Conclusion..

This is going to be a big game for the New England Patriots. This will show what kind of team you will see going forward. The team needs to play mistake free, protect the ball, and control the clock. If they can do that, I believe the Patriots pull off the upset.
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~Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2 on Twitter)

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