Big Game for the Patriots as they Look to Keep Their Playoff Chances Alive

The New England Patriots travel West to take on the Los Angeles Chargers in week 13 of the NFL schedule.  The Chargers are having a tough year, and you can say the Patriots are also having a tough year. The difference between the two teams, the Patriots still have a fighting chance at the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, they have left some games on the table. Every game from now on is a must-win situation. A considerable task, but possible.  The Patriots had four games where the ball was in Cam Newton’s hands for a game-winning drive but failing to convert, putting them below .500.

Now the team goes on a LA trip with the chance of coming back home over .500. The Patriots need to be disciplined, with no penalties, taking one game at a time, one quarter at a time. If the Patriots see themselves in the post-season, they have to win out, in my opinion.

A big moment for Cam Newton, but most importantly, I believe this is a big moment for Coach Bill Belichick. He can cement his legacy as the greatest NFL coach if he can lead this team to the post-season. The Patriots kick off at 4:25 tomorrow night in LA.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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