#SoccerSaturdays: Zidane Could/Should Be Sacked Very Soon!!!

Welcome back to another #SoccerSaturday!

If you have been following Real Madrid, you have noticed that it seriously is time to part ways with Zidane as head coach, right?

Remember the days when Real Madrid had people like Figo, Ronaldo, Guti, Raul, heck even Zidane as players? Even better, just not too long ago Real had people like CR7, James Rodriguez, and Keylor Navas in net. Those were the days when Real Madrid had a respectable team and serious management!

However, all good things come to an end and they can either rebuild themselves or totally collapse depending on timing. Unfortunately, its time to part ways with Zidane and this time for good. Allow me to share with you why and some suitable replacements as well.

Good Bye Zidane!

As I continue to follow the Champions League and also the Spanish La Liga, I can’t help but to feel angry about how Madrid is performing.

In the La Liga, Madrid has managed to go with a record of 6-2-3, some of those wins I have to admit were mediocre at best and far from the legacy of Real Madrid as well as who they can really be. Madrid recently lost to Valencia 4-1, barely made it out alive with a tie against Villarreal, Lost to Alaves 2-1 and today escaped with an ok performance against a Sevilla that could’ve handed Madrid a devastating lost honestly.

Then, we go over to the Champions League and boy does it get uglier! Losing twice in the Champions League to Shaktar Donestk in humiliating fashion, tied against Monchengladbach 2-2. Only victories they’ve had were against a weak Inter Milan who on paper looked like they should dominate, in real life, not so much!

So, who’s to blame here? One can point at the players but frankly, Zidane is the one hiring them and coaching them! If you even think of blaming it on money, Real has some serious weight in that category. It really all comes down to Management, lets face it!

Having brought Zidane back has been nothing but pathetic move in Florentino Perez’ part. Real lost Alvaro Morata who is now doing great things in Juventus and was amazing during his time with Atletico. Real lost CR7 as well as James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale, now you look at those guys and they are killing it too! Keylor Navas left because of Zidane’ dumb decision to bring Thibaut Courtois to Madrid and that’s caused a lot to Real too considering Courtois is super inconsistent in his performance.

Now the rumor mill has it that Sergio Ramos could be on his way out of Madrid! Who could’ve ever thought that Sergio would be out of Madrid considering he is the longest reigning guy there! So yes, it’s time to move on from Zidane.

Who Could Replace Him Though?

While there are really not that many names out there that resonate suitable for this position, I have a couple names that should be getting a call in my opinion. Those names are the following:

Guti Hernandez

Guti “threatens” Zidane

Oh yes! Remember him? A blast from the past! Guti Hernandez is currently the head coach of Real Madrid’s youth team. During his time at the helm, the Spaniard has won a few trophies with the Real Madrid Youth team and has a lot of experience in the Perez system.

Guti is a special breed and his main talent of growing midfielders and defenders could really bring a whole new identity to a Real Madrid team in desperate need for a new one. Guti is my #1 pick for the job, personally.

Massimiliano Allegri.

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri wins 2017-18 Serie A Coach of Year award - Ghana Latest Football News, Live Scores, Results - GHANAsoccernet

I know what you are all thinking but hear me out!

Allegri is an experienced manager with tremendous leadership skills. While he has been out of job since being sacked from Juventus in 2019, the 53 year old could bring much needed changes to the Bernabeu and create a world class team that Madridlistas would be proud of again.

Allegri’s method of coaching is an aggressive fast-flowing football attack followed by a 4-3-3 formation. If your memory serves you right, then you remember that a 4-3-3 formation is what Madrid has been most successful with. Allegri would make a lot of sense for Florentino Perez and at a time where Madrid could benefit from some serious house cleaning and rebuilding, he would be the man to trust with that job.

Mauricio Pochettino

Real Madrid | Pochettino places high on list of future Zidane replacements - AS.com

At this point, Pochettino is linked to every team and it is getting absurd honestly.

Do I think Pochettino should be Real’s manager, I am not sure. Would he be the man for the job? All depends on what Florentino is looking to do with Real but frankly, I think Mauricio belongs in the Premier League.

He is a possible #3-4 call but I wouldn’t place my hopes on him getting this job.

Real Madrid In Crisis?

Listen, I’ve been saying this since the start of the 2020 season and I will keep saying it.

The likes of what Real Madrid used to be are likely gone for a good long while. Unfortunately, when you bring someone back who wasn’t wanted in the first place, that is the first step into a massive disaster waiting to happen. Florentino put his foot in the tigers neck and now he is begging the tiger doesn’t get him.

I don’t expect for Real Madrid to win the Champions League or La Liga. However, I expect for a massive exodus to happen this offseason which will give Real Madrid an opportunity to rebuild much like what Barca did this year. In this instance though, it is one that HAS to happen for Real, otherwise I am not sure they have many options after that.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter & @Podcastcard)


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