Big 3 Championship Could Mean More Than A Trophy

For the third year, the Julius Erving championship trophy will be up for grabs in the Big 3 championship game this Sunday inside the Staples Center on CBS for the first time. In the past, I’ve written about this league that has grown exponentially since its debut in 2017 and continues to gain popularity among fans and players in the NBA. There are unique team names playing in the championship game which are the Triplets and the Killer 3’s. Unlike the previous championship games, this season features more than a trophy but rather an opportunity to break proverbial glass ceilings.
Triplets head coach Lisa Leslie was named to head the expansion team which holds the number one seed. Leslie, who is in the Hall of Fame also has four Olympic gold medals, multiple WNBA championships and MVP awards. Something that isn’t shown is the respect she has gained as a coach from the players which can also be said about the other female head coach in the league, Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman. I’ve said before as a basketball fan, we aren’t too far from a woman head coach in the NBA.
When this league was started, it was meant to be an opportunity for players that have something left in the tank and NBA teams let slip through the cracks. Some examples are going to be playing on Sunday including Stephen Jackson, Al Jefferson, Jamario Moon, and others featured in the 3rd place game. Players like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Rasheed Wallace, Vince Carter and Jamal Crawford have been rumored to join the league for the 2020 season. Understanding that this could be misconstrued into making the Big 3 sound like a basketball retirement home, basketball fans should be interested in potential names to pull a 180 and join the association from the big 3.

League MVP Joe Johnson has been gaining some potential flyer takers for the talents of the 38-year old point guard who will be playing in the title game. This includes the Clippers, Bucks, nuggets 76ers and more. Earlier this year, Amar’e Stoudemire worked out for teams in the association. Although there have only been a couple of 10 day contracts signed by big 3 players, this season has proven that the NBA is watching and they’re interested. Watch for some more names to get discussed in the NBA including Franklin Session and Will Bynum.
Rob Gronkowski recently became an advocate for CBD to be legal in sports. The Big 3 beat the major sports to the punch. Big 3 co-founder Ice Cube said of CBD in the league, “These guys put their bodies on the line for us and the fans to entertain us with their talent. And as they’re hurting and in pain and there’s something out there that can help them, that doesn’t enhance their performance or intoxicates them…. To me, it’s simple compassion.”
In this “microwave” society we live in, the championship game will be played in just over an hour which is ridiculously quick when you take into account the length of some basketball games. It takes some getting used to but this is certainly worth a shot, especially if you watch the title game. The game will feature physical play, deep shots worth 4 and more. For one team, it’ll be a good day and for the other squad, they’ll need to check themselves. (Ice Cube References).

Prediction: Triplets 51 Killer 3’s 46

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