Carli Lloyd The Next…Patriot?

Carli Lloyd has been all over the news this summer, from winning the gold cup to new kicking 55-yard field goals. It is no secret that a World Cup Soccer player has strong leg, what’s surprising though is how much interest she’s getting from NFL teams and rightfully so. She has clearly demonstrated that she’s able to drill 50+ yard field goals. She’s able handle the pressure of one of the biggest stages in sports, the World Cup. She has expressed interest in possible joining a NFL team in 2020. What else do you need to see or hear?

Billy B and Robert need to be all over this. What’s the harm in bringing her in next offseason to just see if she can actually do it? You’ve got Gostkowski missing field goals left and right, missed at least 1 in 3 out of 4 preseason games, with no competition behind him. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gostkowski I am glad he’s on my team but, the misses are starting to become a more frequent thing.

All I’m saying here is if you bring in Carli Lloyd next offseason to challenge him it is a loose loose situation. You’re giving her a legit look, looks great to the fans and media. She’ll at least provide some type of competition for Gostkowski. That’ll put a pressure on him to figure his stuff out. If it doesn’t work out, you got a little extra out of Gostkowski, you can turn to the media and say we gave her a good look we just now have to do what’s best for the team and it’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out.

What’s the harm in doing this? If you say “ShE Is A GiRL” you need to go figure your life out. Who cares that she’s a girl? If she can help you win games that’s all that matters. Period. End of Story.  If I’m Bill or Robert there’s no chance that I’m not picking up the phone and making a call to at least see if there’s interest on her end. This needs to happen!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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