Better Quarterback: Tom Brady or Nathan Peterman? The Answer May Surprise You…

So it’s Wednesday afternoon and, after a longgg BYE weekend for my beloved Patriots (as well as a longgg clunker against the Titans in Week 10), I’m basically shaking as I type this. It’s withdrawal week in the NFL but I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch upon that track meet ESPN aired on Monday Night. On Monday night, we basically bore witness to the new NFL. Moving forward, we’ll start to notice the pro game looking A LOT more like a Big Ten matchup… and I love it. When it comes down to it, scoring is exciting. Scoring is what puts asses in the seats. I have a few friends who insist they love “defensive” games. Umm, no you don’t, dude. You just like to say you like “defensive” games because you think it makes you sound like a better, more sophisticated fan. Anyway, back to the Pats… I’m not necessarily having football withdrawals, but going two-three weeks without seeing the Patriots actually look like the Patriots is enough to leave me glossy-eyed over a toilet. Brady hasn’t been Brady and I’m starting to get nervous. For the record, this happens every year; however, this year feels “different”—a contention that, for the record, I suggest every year. Understandably, the Pats haven’t looked great, but as a journalist, the unrelenting inclination to overreact to something in real time while extending that narrative through the vehicle of WordPress is something that pumps through my veins. If I don’t have hot takes, I have nothing… So here it goes: Brady’s lost a step. I’m not going to dump a shitload of stats on you because the Titans game ended over a week ago and I’m sure you’ve already read/seen all of them. One statistic, however, is too alarming to avoid: Brady is currently holding down a 59.6 passer rating against the blitz, which is good for DEAD LAST in the league… In other words, Brady is playing below what I call the “Peterman Line.” Any individual who is unfavorably ranked against Nathan Peterman in a given statistical category is considered to be playing “below the Peterman Line,” which is a monumental cause for concern. Playing below the Peterman Line against the blitz not only means you’ve been virtually inept when it comes to reading/adapting to various pass-rushing schemes, it means that a parking meter could most likely do your job better. In other words, playing below the Peterman Line means you’re playing just above the unemployment line, which begs the question: Is Nathan Peterman in fact better than Tom Brady? And the answer to that question may surprise you, but it’s no. He’s technically better in that specific statistic, however, that statistic was pried from half of one season. Brady’s played for nearly two decades. Peterman poops himself. Peace… Joey Boats (@joey_boats) Check out the Couch Guy Sports store here! You love fantasy sports but getting tired of the same thing every year? Stop it. Join ThriveFantasy today where you bet on only the top tier players and gain points based on prop bets. Sign up today using the Couch Guy Sports link NOW & get in on the action. (Must deposit a minimum of $10 upon signup and ThriveFantasy will MATCH that $10) SIGN UP HERE

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