Bergeron wins the Selke, Water is Wet

The Frank J. Selke Trophy is awarded each year by at the NHL Awards to the National Hockey League forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game. It was awarded first to Bob Gainey after the 1977-78 season – he also won the next three.

Bruins center Patrice Bergeron has now matched Gainey, having won his fourth Selke in six years at last night’s NHL Awards/Expansion Draft.

Bergeron is, without question, the Bruins next captain, and deservedly so. He is the perfect Bruin. He’s one of the league’s best faceoff men, penalty killers, and all around defensive centers – he is absolutely deserving of the Selke, and I hope he wins a few more.

But I don’t think that’s enough.

It’s almost as if Bergeron, being such a great defensive player, is only recognized for his defensive characteristics. If we are talking underrated players in the NHL, I think that Bergeron’s name has to be high on the list. I mean, he plays on the top line (yes, Bergeron’s is the first line), plays on both special teams, and consistently hovers around 60 points when he’s healthy. The guy isn’t just great on defense; he’s great all around. His linemate Brad Marchand was tied for fifth in points in the league this year, and that’s no coincidence.


Bergeron can do no wrong. He is perfect. Let’s go Bs.


Written by Bob Rice @bobricebobrice

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