Ship Porzingis Up To Boston

The Boston Celtics select…. NO ONE. As of this moment, the Celtics are in deep trade talks with the Knicks. As of right now, the Knick’s asking price are way too high. According to Knicks sources, the Knicks want the third pick, next year’s Brooklyn pick, Crowder, AND Jaylen Brown. Now I think this is too much for the Celtics to give up. In order for the Celtics to accept this deal, they would only trade over this year’s third pick. IF they could get it done while keeping this year’s pick and giving up next year’s pick, then Danny Ainge is a genius. Let’s hope this trade gets done because the Celtics would finally have a star Center that they desperately need. Acquiring Porzingis would also help lure Gordon Hayward to Boston. Imagine this as the Celtics starting lineup: IT pg, Avery Bradley sg, Hayward sf, Horford pf, and Porzingis c….. That my friends would be a starting 5 worthy of reaching the NBA Finals next season. As always, let me know what you think about this potential trade. Please like/share this article and follow Couch Guy Sports on all social media accounts if you have not done so already.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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