Baseball is Dead

I’m going to be blunt and say this and a lot of 80+ year olds will have my head, if they can even read this, but baseball is a dead sport.  The shit that has happened the last week is just comical and kind of odd.  Look cheating by stealing signs to gain an advantage is cheating.  But what’s crazy is that people (old heads) think stealing signs is the reason the Astros and Red Sox won the World Series.

Sports are full of scandals and trying to gain an unfair advantage, it’s just who gets caught.  But what sucks is how old fashioned baseball is.  Like if this happened in NBA or NFL they’d get some sort of suspension and people would forget about it.  But baseball people will cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry all about this thing called…integrity.

This whole “integrity” thing always stems with the Hall of Fame and steroid argument.  Look I get it, but also you’re outdated and the sport is slowly dying.  Alex Cora and AJ Hinch were stupid, but it’s not like they juiced the balls or corked the bats.  All they did was steal signs, which no one says is illegal.  Literally any smart coach can pick up on other teams traits and situations.  I don’t need to example that but you get it.

Baseball is at a point right now where they are stuck in their old ways and in due time it will be extinct or at least irrelevant.  Like for example, when was the last time you heard Mike Trout talk?  The MLB just refuses to market their best player, but will explode if a team just so happens to scout for other teams signs.  And by scout I mean deliberately tape the other teams bench.

In short, baseball is the only sport that will make a big stink out of stealing signs.  Until Manfred can progress the game into something more modern instead of standing with the old heads, than baseball is dead and this whole stink shows why.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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