5 Realistic Trade Targets For The Celtics

The Boston Celtics have become one bigger surprises of the NBA season and appear to be a title contender. But due to their recent struggles, they may in line for a trade. There major needs right now appear to be size and depth off the bench. Knowing that they don’t want to trade anyone a major part of their rotation, targets could be limited. Here are 5 guys that make sense for the Boston Celtics.

5. Dewayne Dedmon- After signing a 3 year deal with the Kings, Dewayne Dedmon already wants out. As a 7 footer whose solid on defense and is a decent 3 point shooter, Dedmon would be a great fit in Brad Stevens’ system. The problem is that Dedmon does make $13 million a year which means Daniel Theis or Enes Kanter would have to go in the trade to make salaries match. Considering how those two have fared at center, I feel the Celtics want to add at center and not replace one of them.

4. Willie Cauley-Stein- When he signed with the Warriors, Willie Cauley-Stein figured he’d be helping the Warriors make a run at the Finals. But the Warriors are the worst team in basketball and Stein doesn’t fit into the Warriors’ long term plans. Stein is a legit 7 footer that the Celtics could use on defense and should come for dirt cheap. He just seems to be a better version Robert Williams (who may not even come back this year).

3. E’Twaun Moore- Originally drafted by Boston, E’Twaun Moore has formed a nice career with the Pelicans. With the Pelicans at the bottom of the West, they will probably sell off their veterans. Moore is a sharpshooter from 3 as he is currently shooting 39% from 3. He would be a great backup guard to go along next to Marcus Smart. But Moore doesn’t really offer anything else other than shooting and does make $8 million.

2. Alec Burks- Similar to Willie Cauley-Stein, Alec Burks signed the vet minimum with the Warriors to help revive his career. While he’s putting up his best season in quite a few years, he’s doing it on the worst team in basketball. Burks’ scoring and shooting is something Boston could really use and he should come for dirt cheap like Stein. Players on minimum deals are always easier to deal for.

1 Davis Bertans- Without a doubt, this should be the Boston Celtics’ number one trade target. Bertans is having a breakout year for the Washington Wizards and appears to be on the trade block. He is a 6’10” combo forward who is averaging 15 points a game while shooting a crazy 44% from 3. He makes $7 million on an expiring contract so he appears be flexible enough for the Celtics to make a deal. If the Celtics acquire him, he would be a gigantic upgrade over Grant Williams. But if the Celtics want him, they will have to give up first round picks to get him. Even if he leaves in the off-season, getting Bertans could put the Celtics over the top and that should be the Celtics only concern right now. Who cares if they give up the 26th and 30th pick in the draft for a rental! Time to go for it now.

Steve Santoro

Steven Santoro

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