Barstool Sports and MLB in “Significant” Talks to Broadcast Games Together

Whatever Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy touches, it has turned to gold. The mainstream media platform has been influential in connecting with people through their social media and blog. Barstool Sports and the MLB are In discussions to bring games to the Barstool platform.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, he reported that Barstool has had talks with “major leagues.

“Do you know we’re talking with major leagues? When I say major leagues, like the four major sports,” said Portnoy. “Ever since we announced the Arizona Bowl, major leagues are like, ‘We can give you the rights. We can give you the rights to call one of the major four leagues games.’ Not gonna say which one. We’re looking at it.”

If Barstool Sports and MLB link up, they could potentially team up with a focus on in-game gambling.

While the talks are on-going, nothing is concrete between the two sides. Marchard stated in his article that the talks are “50-50” between the two sides.

In the last few weeks, Portnoy announced that Barstool  has purchased the naming rights to broadcast the Arizona Bowl. This college football game will air on Barstool’s website.

Most recently, Barstool and Penn National Gaming have acquired theScore for $2 billion. The app, theScore is one of the best apps for gambling on the market.

Thoughts on Barstool and MLB Teaming Up

The potential merger of Barstool Sports and Major League Baseball would be huge for both the platform and the sport. The connection that Barstool can make with their audience has been proven over the last handful of years. The platform has done well connecting with their audience through their socials, podcasts and personalities.

Jared Carrabis has been one of the catalysts at Barstool publicly trying to grow the game. Between the Section 10 podcast, Starting 9 and now Call Him Papi podcast with David Ortiz, Barstool is trying to connect with the younger baseball audience.

There will be people who will hate the thought of Barstool linking up with any professional league. The fact of the matter is this, Barstool is relatable to their viewers or Stoolies. The sport of baseball has not changed much like some of the other sports leagues. Baseball implemented the DH between both leagues last year, but has since gone away. The sport has talked about getting rid of the seven-inning doubleheaders and the runner on second base in extra innings.


Barstool will help bring in a younger demographic to their platform to tune into the games. People will tune in for the sport and the entertainment associated with the people at Barstool.

This would be a win for both Barstool and MLB. The world is evolving and the climate in which we consume media is changing as well. MLB is a sport that never changes and by linking with Portnoy, it wouldn’t be a bad step in the direction for MLB and begin changing how the sport is viewed.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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