Wade Davis Inks A Massive Deal With The Rockies

Relief pitcher Wade Davis just signed a 3 year, $52 million contract with the Colorado Rockies. This is the highest per-year salary ever for a relief pitcher.

Well if you do not think this deal helps the Rockies out, then you are wrong. Let me remind you that the Rockies actually had a decent 2017 season with a record of 87-75, making the one game playoff. The two things they were missing last season? Well starting pitching and relief pitching. This deal with Wade Davis checks off one box for the Rockies, that had an amazing season at the plate. The Rockies may even use Davis as a starter since he has experience and had a rather strong arm. Whatever the case may be, I expect the Rockies to finish with a better record in 2018. I do not think they can get past the Dodgers because they are absolutely stacked with a monstrous lineup and a filthy pitching rotation, but they are capable of finishing second in the West.

This will certainly shake up the NL a little, and will push the Rockies to go out and get a starting pitcher. If they can get a decent starting pitcher, then this Rockies team will be scary.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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