Are Brady’s Concussions Legit?

So Gisele was quoted in an interview saying that her wonderful husband Tom Brady has had concussions in football, including last year.  Some people are angry about this, some people don’t really care that she said this.  Honestly, who is surprised? The guy takes an absolute beating year after year.  I’m more surprised we didn’t hear about this after last season, when the offensive line was letting defenders knock him around like it was going out of style.

Now Brady is one tough S.O.B. for taking all the hits he does, and playing through it no matter what.  If he wants to have any kind of life after football, he might want to take it a little easier on his head.  With all of the CTE research going on, he might end up a vegetable by the time hes 60.  Now I miss the old NFL, where people would cut off a finger to finish a game, and Brady is one of the last standing player who exemplifies this kind of toughness.  But going on 40 this season, no amount of TB12 concussion juice can save him later on in life when his brain does not work the same way.  As tough as he is, he might want to keep a tab on his head for the last few years of his career.

As for how the NFL views this, Pats nation should not worry.  According to Brady’s agent, he was never diagnosed with a concussion last year.  So that means even if he did have one that he never told anyone about, it was never kept a secret by the organization.  Teams like the Seahawks have gotten in trouble for keeping injuries secretive, but if the team isn’t keeping it a secret, it is not against NFL policies.  Even if he did have one, the NFL itself would be more screwed.  They have so many rules in place with spotters that are supposed to force concussed players of the field, they would be more at fault than the Patriots.  They have had so many lawsuits and cases against them for concussions, the last thing they want is more backlash against it.  The NFL seems less likely to act on this than any case relating to deflated footballs (cough cough).

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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