Antonio Brown Not Going To The Bills Is HUGE For The Patriots

Before I get into the logistics, I have a message for all of you Patriots fans out there. Antonio Brown is an ABOVE AVERAGE football player. I know a lot of you Patriots fans might say something along the lines of “Oh he’s not that good, we shut him down every time we play the Steelers!” Yes, the Patriots have always had a great game plan going up against Antonio Brown. But, Brown is still a seven time Pro-Bowl candidate and a four time First-Team All-Pro receiver. Now that we got that cleared up, let’s get into what happened last night in case a lot of you were sleeping (like me) in the NFL.

Antonio Brown Supposedly Was Being Traded To The Buffalo Bills

Ian Rapoport came out with a BOMBSHELL of a tweet.

Antonio Brown was supposedly on his way to the Buffalo Bills. The Bills were very close to having a star wide receiver that fans could get excited about. Josh Allen would have had a number one target to throw to consistently. The Bills offense would taken another step forward to being competitive in the AFC East. Everybody wins right?

Antonio Brown Is Now Supposedly NOT Going To The Bills


That was short lived. So now, the Bills are not getting Antonio Brown. As Adam Schefter indicated in his tweet, Bills GM Brandon Beane is now moving on from Brown and looking for other wide receiver options in free agency. So what happened between last night and this morning? Whose end is to blame for this deal not getting done? Reports say it was Antonio Brown who didn’t want the deal to happen.

Antonio Brown Didn’t Want To Commit To The Bills

Just when the Steelers thought their nightmare with A.B. was over, they are now going back to the drawing board. Antonio Brown said he would not commit to showing up in Buffalo if the trade was completed. Honestly, I don’t blame the Bills for pulling the plug on a potential trade for the star wide receiver. If a player doesn’t want to commit to your organization, it doesn’t matter how talented a specific player is; the Bills made the right move here.

So What Does This Mean For The Patriots?

Quite simply, the Patriots will not have to deal with Antonio Brown twice a year now. Brown is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL. He is destined to have a big game or two against the Patriots. The Patriots have their own issues to deal with internally. They don’t need to have a star wide receiver join the AFC East. Now, they don’t have to worry about game planning twice a year against him.

In Conclusion

Another win for the Patriots and another loss for the Bills. The Bills could have been one step closer to eventually overthrowing the Patriots in the division (LOL!), but that didn’t happen. Antonio Brown is taking his talents elsewhere and the Patriots can continue to rule supreme over the AFC East. Cue the Antonio Brown on the Bills jokes.

Sorry Bills fans, maybe next time!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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