What The Red Sox Need To Do If They Want to Win In 2019

Someone tell me what the hell the Sox are thinking please! Craig Kimbrel is still on the open market, and we just lost Steven Wright for half the season and all of the playoffs. So someone explain to me why we don’t make a stronger push for Kimbrel.

Kimbrel is still requesting 6 years and over 100 Million dollars. Insane for someone to give him that type of money. Especially when he wasn’t the pitcher to make the final out of the World Series even tho it was literally his job to do so. There is no shot of Kimbrel getting that many years and that much money.

If I am the Sox I would go to Kimbrel, offer him a 3-year deal with a player opt-out after the first year. Front load the money so he is making most of his money in the first year. Then if he has a great year, let him test the market again. If he has a terrible year, then he will obviously stay here for the money but if the Sox decide they want to move on from him, they can try trading him due to most of his money in the contract already coming off the books after the year one.

I’m by no means an agent or anything but if I’m representing Kimbrel, then I have a hard time telling him to turn down that deal. It is not Kimbrel’s fault the market is all screwed up and he can’s fix it overnight.

What he can do though is make the best of the situation and take the deal. Opening Day is already 20 days away. He cannot afford to sit until the season starts, especially if he is staying firm on the money and the years.

If I’m the Red Sox ownership I am definitely making this call, especially after losing Wright. Time to wake up Dombrowski, go make this team a lot better.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 


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