Off-Season Expectations for the New England Patriots

It’s been a fun week for the New England Patriots. Started off with a Super Bowl victory, the after party with several performances, the parade, and players going on their talk show tours to express their excitement on the season. 

However, this off-season has a lot question marks to it. The big thing the Patriots need to do is do whatever it takes to sign Defensive End Trey Flowers, who has been a big part of this defense for several seasons. In the last three seasons, Flowers had racked up twenty-one sacks. Most importantly, Flowers has stayed healthy and has shown that he is a reliable force to make a big play to help your team win. 

Then looking at the weapons for Quarterback Tom Brady, there are a lot of question marks.

Wide-Receivers Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett are free agents. If I had to predict, I think both of these guys are most likely not on the roster by the time the 2019 season starts. Chris Hogan had a very underwhelming season and really wasn’t a part of the offense for a big stretch throughout. As for Dorsett, he showed potential at the beginning of the season and even had a big touchdown in the AFC Championship. However, when Josh Gordon arrived in New England, Dorsett really declined. 

It has been reported that the Miami Dolphins are going to be moving on from former Patriot Wide-Receiver Danny Amendola. When he was playing for the Patriots, he was a real reliable target for Quarterback Tom Brady. Could there be a possible return to the team? That remains to be seen.

However, Amendola already knows the system and it might not be a bad move for the team if Tight End Rob Gronkowski decides to call it a career. 

If Gronkowski does decide to retire, which I feel he’ll decide to do at the end of this process, the team will have a lot of holes in the receiver position. The team needs to make a lot of decisions on where to get depth in those positions.  Whether it’s through the NFL Draft or Free Agency, the team needs to find weapons for Tom Brady, who will be forty-two years old at the start of the upcoming season.

Finally, the guy who was protecting Brady’s blindside, Left Tackle Trent Brown. I believe the team needs to bring him back. I know they will be getting back their first-round draft pick from last year in Isaiah Wynn but Trent Brown played solid in this recent postseason run. If you pair him with a young Wynn, it will greatly benefit and solidify that position for the team. 

I’ll be looking forward to the moves this team makes throughout the off-season. They always find guys who will “do their job” as Bill would say and will continue to be a favorite to win the Super Bowl. As long as you have the greatest Quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, and the greatest Coach of all time, Bill Belichick, this team will continue to be successful throughout the future. 

Zachary Connell(@ZackConnell2)

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