Another Must Win Game for the New England Patriots

New England Patriots in A Must-Win situation

The Patriots welcome the 1-1 New Orleans Saints into Foxboro Sunday and what is going to be a game that is a must win for both teams. New England dropped game 1 against the Miami Dolphins. Now, while it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, the Patriots schedule gets tougher as the season goes on.

My Thoughts For Week 3

The Patriots haven’t played to their fullest potential yet. The Patriots, to me, have really only used 20% of the playbook. Now, I could just be spit balling but it seems to me that they are keeping the playbook to a minimum to start the season. I like what they are doing as far as protecting the rookie quarterback, Mac Jones, and building up his confidence. However, if the team continues to keep coming up short in the red zone and keeps settling for field goals, that confidence will drop quickly.
You are one week away from potentially the biggest game in NFL history and you need to be over .500 heading that game. If this team is 1-2, Tom Brady only a couple hundreds yards away from the all time passing yards record, and he has the opportunity to put you in a hole that could be difficult to get out of, then all the hype for Mac Jones year 1 is down the drain.

Looking Ahead…

I don’t like looking forward into the season. However, with this week 4 game coming up quickly, I can’t help but map out where the Patriots need to be in order to have a successful season. Now, these are just my opinions but I think we can all agree 2-1 sounds whole a lot better than 1-2 going into week 4 against the defending super bowl champs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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