Andrew McCutchen Is Now A….Yankee?

One of my favorite non-Red Sox Players just got traded to the team I hate the most. Well god damn it! Now I have to hate him, just like I had to hate Johnny Damon and Kevin Youkilis among many others who put on those ugly pinstripes.

There is one possible positive of this though. Adding another outfielder to the already flooded yankees outfield makes me think someone may not be as close to a return as they say. That someone is Aaron Judge!

If Aaron Judge was so close to a return why add another outfielder? Who is coming off the bench for you when he returns? Cutch? Stanton? Gardner? I honestly have no idea what they plan to do because none of it really makes sense to me on where they plan to go. Unless, they have hit the panic button and are trying to get anyone in there to help stop them from falling further behind in the division. Either way not a good strategy.

What I really think is going on is that they don’t have confidence in Judge coming back anytime soon and need someone to fill that hole. As a Sox fan…I Love it! Huge DOWNGRADE going from Judge to McCutchen. Again I love Cutch but he is only an average outfielder at best (same with Judge) and it is no question that Judge is a much bigger offensive threat than McCutchen.

So, as a Sox fan I hope this is true and as the days go on it seems to be more a more realistic! Gotta love it! The Red Sox will win the AL East for the third straight year. GET THE DUCK BOATS READY! World Series or Bust baby!!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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