Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 73

We got ourselves a hell of a show this week. A ton of stuff went down and we had a packed show from start to finish.

Nick and Jared break it all down starting off with the trending news in the Weekly Dump.

After they hit…

-Tom Brady hangs up on WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan when asked about Alex Guerrero multiple times. This makes things actually look worse for TB12, right?

-Jalen Ramsey drops bombs AGAIN on the NFL and takes shots at guys like Rob Gronkowski. He thinks Gronk actually isn’t good? I’m sorry, what?

-And the US Open controversy is wild. French tennis player, Alize Cornet, took her shirt off to turn it around and got slammed with a warning for wearing just a sports bra on the court. But did the US Open get this one right? People are screaming sexism.

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