Are the Stars Aligning for an Alex Cora Return to Boston?

Could it be? Might there actually be some good news for a Boston sports team in 2020? I mean, how much worse can it get? The Celtics? They blew a shot at the NBA Finals and watched the Lakers tie them for NBA titles. The Bruins? Their window continues to close after a second round exit to the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. The Patriots? They could be out of the playoff picture after Sunday. Mookie Betts left and won a World Series with the Dodgers. Tom Brady left and Tampa Bay is 5-2 so far. It hasn’t been great. But that could change a bit with this little nugget. Could the stars be aligning for a beloved Boston manager to come back?

Alex Cora. Boston loves him for what he did in his two years here. He got caught up in something he did in Houston. Cora’s suspension is officially over and can come back to coaching. It seems like everything is lining up for a return to Boston, right? Let’s discuss.

Tony La Russa is the New Chicago White Sox Manager

So the Chicago White Sox have their new manager. It’s actually their former manager Tony La Russa. La Russa managed the White Sox from 1979-1986. He’s also famously managed the Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals. This is a very shocking move. The White Sox had been linked to AJ Hinch and Alex Cora. But the Chicago papers even thought Alex Cora will return to Boston. Kind of odd! If the White Sox hired Hinch, then I’d be a little bit more concerned. This leads to my next point.

AJ Hinch Linked to the Detroit Tigers

It seems like it’s pretty close to happening. AJ Hinch looks like he’s going to be the next manager of the Detroit Tigers. It honestly makes sense. The Tigers need a new direction. AJ Hinch obviously needs a fresh start after all of the stuff that happened in Houston. Seems like it would be a good fit, right? Hinch and Cora were two names connected to the Tigers. But if Hinch secures the managerial position, this doesn’t leave many other options for Cora. You’re telling me Alex Cora won’t be a manager next year somewhere? I find that hard to believe with some of these teams who need the leadership. Like…the Red Sox? they kind of need it. Hinch potentially landing the Detroit job is a very good sign.

In Conclusion

One big domino fell and another looks to be potentially falling any minute now. If that’s the case, Alex Cora coming back to Boston should be inevitable. Imagine how many people would forgive Chaim Bloom for trading Mookie Betts if you bring back Cora? It would certainly help things a lot. Do the right thing here Chaim. Bring Cora home!

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