Alex Cora Confirmed To Be The Red Sox Manager Still In 2020

A lot of circulation has been going around about what would happen to Alex Cora. Would he be fired? Would he still be the manager in 2020? Well, we have our answer and it’s the answer a lot of us were hoping for!

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I seriously don’t know why there was any doubt that Alex Cora was going to manage next season. This season has been a disaster. But a big part of the problem, is now gone from the Red Sox organization entirely! It was bad enough to have the President of Baseball Operations gone. Could you imagine how ballistic this town would have gone if Cora got the boot as well? I don’t want to even imagine that possibility!

Now the Quest For 2020 Can Begin

2019 is over, done, history! Put it in the books as an underwhelming season in Red Sox history. Now, the questions come up. Will J.D. opt out? Will the Red Sox trade Mookie Betts? What will they do with a guy like Brock Holt? Whatever the case may be, the Red Sox are in a decent position heading in 2020. With Cora now officially in the fold for next season, it’s time to have all players focusing on getting back to the playoffs in 2020. Let the games begin!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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