David Ortiz Throws Out First Pitch At Fenway…So Why Doesn’t It Feel Right?

This Red Sox season hasn’t been the most pleasant to watch. That’s just putting it nicely. But, there was a bit of good news last night. David Ortiz came back to Fenway Park to throw out the first pitch of the Red Sox-Yankees finale.

Ordinarily, this would be the best surprise Fenway Park could receive. But now, I sit here wondering why it didn’t feel as great as it should have? Here are a few reasons why David Ortiz throwing out the first pitch at Fenway last night didn’t feel quite right.

The Timing Of The Dave Dombrowski Firing

We all know that late Sunday night, Dave Dombrowski was fired. Why all of a sudden is it that Ortiz can magically be at Fenway? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED seeing Big Papi take the mound at Fenway. However, this feels like a cover up by ownership.

“Hey, forget about the guy who put the pieces together for a World Series title last year. How about we bring back one of the Red Sox biggest names to take some pressure off of us? Sound good? Good!”

Give me a break! This was so obvious to anybody that pays close attention to this team. It just seems a little bit too convenient and suspicious to have Ortiz THIS soon after the Dombrowski bombshell hit. What is going on with Red Sox ownership. Honestly, I don’t even know what they’re thinking anymore.

The Red Sox Being (Pretty Much) Out Of The Playoff Hunt

The Red Sox needed to go around 5-2 or 6-1 to have an outside shot of the second Wild Card spot. What do they do? They go 2-5. 2-5! They were 2-4 going into last night with Ortiz making his first public appearance since his shooting in the Dominican Republic. It just didn’t have the same electricity as if the Red Sox were making a playoff push. Do I love Ortiz being back? Absolutely! But, do I think it would have been better if the Red Sox were having a better season? Again, absolutely! Man, these Red Sox gave us SO much hope going into this season.

In Conclusion

It was great to see Ortiz back out in public. Boston is Ortiz’s second home. He is treated like royalty here and should just stay here forever. David Ortiz brings electricity into the building every time he steps foot near Fenway. It should never be ruined by moves that the Red Sox front office makes just a day or so prior. But let’s focus on the positive here, shall we? David Ortiz is back and better than ever! Now if only he could step back into the box for another season.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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